Extensions cordpower extenderdrop cord, or extension lead is a length of flexible electrical power cable (flex) with a plug on one end and one or more sockets on the other end (usually of the same type as the plug).

The term usually refers to mains (household Ac) extensions but is also used to refer to extensions for other types of cabling.

If the plug and power outlet are of different types, the term “adapter cord” may be used. Most extension cords range from around two to thirty feet in length although they are made up to 300 feet in length.

Extensions cord come in various colors, lengths, thicknesses, and service duties. In general, the more power needed by the appliance, the thicker the cord needs to be (meaning larger wires inside).

Cords that will be used outdoors, in wet areas, around oils, or exposed to sunlight for long periods of time should be selected for such specific conditions.

An extension reel is an extension lead that rolls up, usually into the socket end, which in some cases has more than one socket on it (often 2 or 4).

Another type of extension reel hangs near the plug end and permits the user to draw the cord out by grasping the socket end.

A power strip is a block on the end of a power cable with a number of sockets (usually 3 or more), often arranged in a line.

This term is also used to refer to the whole unit of a short extension cord terminating in a power strip.

A removable power cord is similar but much shorter and is designed to connect an appliance to a main outlet. The female end mates with an appliance inlet.

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